Three (3) Methods

There are three methods (or modalities) of permanent hair removal through electrolysis. All three use a fine probe inserted into the hair follicle at the surface of the skin. 

Galvanic electrolysis is the oldest method. “Galvanic” is a natural chemical method that utilizes direct current (dc) to convert normal body salt and water in the follicle into a compound which destroys the growth center of the hair. It is also known as “multiple needle”.  

Thermolysis (also known as short wave) uses high frequency current to cauterize the growth center of the hair follicle. There are two types of thermolysis: 1)flash or automatic and 2)manual. Flash uses a high current at a split second impulse while manual uses a lower intensity current for several seconds. 

In the “blend”, thermolysis (heat) enhances the action of galvanic (chemical) in the destruction of the growth center. The best method of treatment for you is dependent upon the area of the body to be treated, the type and density of hair growth and skin characteristics/sensitivity.
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