Why are multiple treatments required?

Electrolysis is not the speediest of procedures but it's the best available if you want to get rid of the hair for good! Multiple treatments are required to cover the vast amount of follicles which are producing hairs that continuously grow and fall out. 

We are not killing the hairs....we are killing the growing cells. And do you know how many hair follicles there are?? According to experts, there are more than 5 million follicles on the human body! Some areas have 1,000 follicles per square inch!  At any one time in looking at a part of your body, only 25%-30% of the follicles are growing hairs which are visible....the rest either just fell out (shed) or are just starting to grow within the follicle (called the "anagen" stage). 

As an example, if you clear the area the size of a quarter on your forearm, you will see hairs coming out of that same area within the next few days....why? Because the electrologist can only treat the follicles of hairs that are visible. The follicles which aren't growing hairs at that time, will soon be doing so and this is why you will see hairs in an area which has just been treated. 

The hairs all over our bodies are in a continual state of growing and shedding. This growth cycle varies depending upon the part of the body. For example the growing cycle of head hair averages about 6 years which is why people can grow their hair so long. Head hair has the longest growing cycle of any area on the body. Chin hairs typically have a growth cycle of about a year. Therefore, if you pluck a hair on your chin, that hair may not begin to grow until a year later. The most advantageous time to treat a follicle is when the hair is in the "anagen" stage of growth. Therefore, a regular treatment schedule is needed to "catch" those hairs in the anagen stage of growth.
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